2022 Winners

Mihai Bordeanu - 2022 Winner

Managing Director of Dacia South Eastern Europe & Country Head Romania

"We make new cars accessible to the many. We offer customers just what they need, but everything they need. We adopt and adapt technologies when they are proven and become necessary to stay up to date. " - View in Edition » View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners

Adolfo Orive - 2022 Winner

President & CEO of Tetra Pak

"Tetra Pak has a rich and distinguished heritage. We have built our brand on a commitment to innovation, customer focus, respect for the environment and social responsibility.​​​​​" - View in Edition » View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners
United Kingdom

Peter Simpson - 2022 Winner

CEO of Anglian Water

"Water is our business. We handle with care and we don’t cost the earth." - View in Edition » View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners

Nicolas Hieronimus - 2022 Winner

CEO of L’Oréal Group

"We believe that beauty, the quest for beauty, unites us all. It is a fundamental need that goes beyond mere “appearance” and taps deep into human aspirations: a sense of belonging, self-realization, self-confidence... We strive to help women and men all over the world fulfill these aspirations, while understanding and respecting all the nuances in cultures, needs and traditions." - View in Edition » View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW

CEO Today Europe Awards 2023

Voting Now Open

The CEO Today Europe Awards are dedicated to recognising the innovators, success stories and entrepreneurs of European business. The Awards celebrate strong, progressive and innovative leadership, rewarding excellence and best practice among CEOs and business leaders from across the region. A CEO Today Europe Award is one of the most prestigious accolades a company can receive, offering a cross-industry, cross-border business competition for companies of all sizes, ages and from all European countries.

Sector nominations combined with an in-depth sector-by-sector research process helps our research team to identify the best, brightest and those pushing the envelope to make Europe the thriving international business hub that it is today.

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