CEO Today - Europe Awards 2022

Miklós Palencsár is the CEO and co-founder of Mentors & Partners Group. MPG is a world-leading mentoring company in business and sports. They have a special methodology for developing organisations and teams, including multinationals, international sports clubs, and domestic companies expanding internationally. They also have excellent results in sports, where they work with national teams, club teams, and youth academies by creating complex mental preparation and performance processes so they can better reach their goals. In Tokyo alone, the athletes and teams whom they prepared and supported with their complex programmes won four gold medals, two silvers, and four bronzes, but they have also had many successes in Champions Leagues across various sports. That is why MPG has been Europe’s fastestgrowing business development firm in Europe over the last four years, according to the Financial Times’ FT1000 List. The key to the firm’s success is their mentoring methodology. Mentoring is a unique development programme that provides comprehensive support to individuals, teams, and organisations so they can use all their skills, qualities, and opportunities to maximise performance and reach their best result. People can live their happiest lives because they can be themselves; they do not need to act and change because of the outside expectations. The firm’s approach requires close, personal connections with top decision-makers, with whom mentors form long-term partnerships. Those decision-makers – be them head coaches, CEOs, country managers, start-up owners, team captains, etc. – are often very lonely at the top. The role of the mentor is to provide the mentee with the guidance needed to make the best possible decision in whatever situation or crisis might arise. With strong leadership at the top, the organisation – be it a SME, multinational, club team, or national team – is better primed for success. At a broader level, MPG’s organisational development focuses on giving people confidence to accept and show who they really are, and teach organisations to understand and accept each other, which fosters real diversity. For that, they create a perfect honest atmosphere. The method also gives people in the organisation an ownership mindset, turning the organisation’s teams into winning teams, and developing the organisation to simultaneously promote the company’s goals and the happiness of its members. The professional backbone of MPG’s organisational development programmes is the RISE Human Development System, the world’s most in-depth and complex personality and behavioural analysis system, with a methodology that interprets individual generations and social processes. Organisational development is the transformation of an organisation’s mindset, including its strategic planning, and translating this strategy into concrete organisational and operational work. It involves defining the organisation’s structure in relation to its organisational goals, breaking things down to the position level, and assigning expectations in terms of both hard and soft skills. It necessitates monitoring the organisation, defining potential development and risk points, and then managing them. Overall, modern organisational development combines broad strategy with specific implementation tasks. MPG provides complex and continuous support to their partners in the creation, management, and development of a happy organisation capable of achieving its goals. Finally, MPG’s management development programmes go far beyond traditional management training, as their unique content is tailored to the company and adapted to current social and generational processes. Each programme does not speak in general terms about leadership development and leadership skills, but focuses specifically on the company’s particular challenges based on its economic environment, location, and sector. In addition to the content, the dynamics and design of the programme play a key role in ensuring that the deep content is easy to convey and understand, and the content is delivered via training days, interactive workshops, follow-up reports, and one-on-one discussions. ABOUT MIKLÓS PALENCSÁR CEO Today Europe Award s 2022 - HUNGARY - - 11 -

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