CEO Today - Europe Awards 2023

The athletes/teams we have mentored have won world championships, continental championships, Olympic medals, Champions League and national championships, and cups; in fact, they have won essentially every title now, both individually and at the team level. my key people is currently attending a special course at Harvard, learning new elements, and analysing how our data is unique and deeply useful even in the highest levels of academia. So, there is no stop to the research here. The traditional “I am the sports psychologist” approach no longer works, it takes the combined knowledge and work of a complex team to prepare professionally. If I had to give a clear direction: while in the past, professionals used to say that we should concentrate on good sporting performance and, if there was time, look after the athlete’s private life, we have completely reversed the process this year, and our successes are not to be expected. The focus is on the athlete as a HUMAN being, who first has to build up their private life in a way that they, as a person, feel comfortable, breaking away from the usual social norms in many cases, because we are talking about “heroes” after all. Then the energy and mental strength generated by the happiness in their private life must be transferred to sport. This leads to stable, long-lasting peak performance and, also importantly, a happy life after a career in sport. CEO Today Europe Awards 2023 - COUNTRY - - 17 -

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