CEO Today - Europe Awards 2022

With Group sales of EUR 36 bn and 22,400 employees*, OMV is Austria’s largest listed industrial company. As a global energy and chemicals company, we intend to become a leading provider of sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials by 2030 with a focus on circular economy solutions – and deliver on our pledge to reach net zero by 2050. Our Business Chemicals & Materials By further developing our business model, we intend to establish a sustainable portfolio of energy and chemicals that also includes recycling. The major shareholding in Borealis provides a foundation for this evolution. And with this we are ushering in a transformation: From a traditional oil and gas company, OMV will become a global gas, oil and chemicals group, one whose significantly expanded value chain extends from the wellhead to the refinery to high-quality plastics and includes recycling. With this, OMV is laying the ground for a lower-carbon future. Refining & Marketing OMV Refining & Marketing comprises two business divisions – Refining and Marketing & Trading. In Refining & Marketing, OMV operates three refineries in Europe and owns a 15% share in ADNOC Refining and ADNOC Global Trading, with a total processing capacity of more than 500,000 bbl/d. Furthermore, OMV operates about 1.800 filling stations in ten European countries and runs gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany. Exploration & Production In Exploration & Production, OMV has a strong base in Central and Eastern Europe as well as a balanced international portfolio, with Middle East & Africa, the North Sea and Asia-Pacific as core regions. Daily average production was 486,000 boe/d in 2021 with an emphasis on natural gas. Our Purpose Re-inventing essentials for sustainable living We find ourselves at a tipping point. In order to create a more sustainable future, we need to rethink how we produce and consume our resources and give back more than we take. We know that we only can get there together and that we need to enable our society to fully embrace a circular mindset: minimize pollution and waste, re-use materials, shift to low-carbon energy and regenerate our living environment. With our innovative solutions, we have the means and desire to shape the way people progress. We continue to re-invent across the entire value chain and acknowledge our responsibility to pave the way for generations to come. Alfred Stern CEO of OMV Aktiengesellschaft CEO Today Europe Award s 2022 - AUSTRIA - - 21 -

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