CEO Today - Europe Awards 2023

PORR’s primary goal remains to achieve a sustainable increase in corporate value for every stakeholder. PORR delivers as many construction services as possible itself, thereby covering the entire life cycle of construction projects. It has a strong, Group-wide construction and skills network as well as extensive know-how in project execution. Combined with its strong market position, this allows it to utilise the full potential of a European company in the best possible way. Our Mission We believe in a better world, a home facilitated by sustainable buildings. Those who build change the world. For more than 150 years, standing at the forefront of the construction industry with new technologies has been in our DNA. Our goal is to shape the environment sustainably, while driving innovation and growth. And with it a world worth living in for everyone – today and tomorrow. This allows us to offer holistic construction solutions from a single source – from design to construction to operations, in building construction, civil engineering and infrastructure. Our values Our corporate culture: The 5 principles of PORR. Reliability. Shoulder to shoulder. Appreciation. Passion. Pioneering spirit. These are our five PORR principles that unite us and make us unique. They form our common corporate culture and are everything we need to grow and grow together. In this way, we can become even stronger as a team and ensure the sustainable success of PORR. Pioneering spirit in the construction industry since 1869. PORR AG is one of the leading construction companies in Europe. From playing a significant part in shaping Vienna via the innovations of Arthur Porr and the development of the New Austrian Tunnelling Method through to digitisation: our pioneering spirit has been on display for more than 150 years. We have remained one step ahead, time and again, for more than 150 years. We have been setting milestones for more than 150 years. And the talent for innovation of our PORRians means that we will continue to deliver excellence in every aspect of the construction industry well into the future. We have a motto for the way we do business at PORR: intelligent building connects people. Our goal is to bring together our high standards regarding quality, technology and efficiency with every person involved in a project – whether a builder or a user. After all, we build with and for people. Values such as trustworthiness, reliability, customer focus and teamwork are an important part of our identity, as is an approach based on partnerships. PORR’s strategy is derived from the vision “PORR – Home of Construction. To Build a Better World”. As Europe’s most sustainable infrastructure construction group, PORR offers clear solutions for all the challenges of today’s changing times. The strategic focus remains on expanding the company’s strong market position in Europe and on intelligent, selective growth with “Green and Lean”. Sustainable management is driven forward together with advanced technology and environmental and social responsibility. CEO of PORR AG KARL-HEINZ STRAUSS ABOUT PORR AG CEO Today Europe Awards 2023 - AUSTRIA - - 25 -

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