CEO Today - Europe Awards 2023

CEO T O D A Y EUROPE A W A R D S 2 0 2 3 Dear Valued Readers, With immense pleasure, I introduce you to the special edition of CEO Today, dedicated to celebrating the Europe Awards. Europe, with its rich tapestry of cultures, economies, and histories, has long been a hub of innovation, resilience, and leadership. This edition seeks to honour those at the pinnacle of their respective fields, whose vision and determination not only shape their enterprises but also leave indelible marks on the broader business landscape. We are thrilled to have Olivier Brousse of Idverde grace our front cover. Idverde’s contributions to enhancing urban and green spaces across Europe under Olivier’s astute guidance epitomize the transformative influence CEOs can wield within and beyond their industries. Equally commendable are the achievements of Miklos Palencsar of 8848 Sport Mentoring, who has effectively combined passion and purpose to redefine sports mentoring, and Bruno Angles of AG2R LA MONDIALE, a figurehead in the insurance and asset management sectors, whose innovative approaches consistently set benchmarks for peers. This edition is not merely about recognizing accomplishments; it’s a deep dive into these esteemed leaders’ journeys, challenges, and lessons. To understand their ethos, strategies, and foresight is to understand what has propelled their companies to greatness in an ever-evolving European market. To all our readers - may you find inspiration in these pages and to our honoured CEOs, your leadership stories serve as a testament to the extraordinary potential and promise that European enterprises hold. Here’s to leadership, innovation, and a brighter future for Europe!

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