CEO Today - Europe Awards 2022

Founded in 1999 in Copenhagen, Denmark, we are a dual-listed, international biotechnology company specializing in the creation and development of differentiated antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. We are led by an experienced international management team. Our proprietary product pipeline and next-generation antibody technologies are the result of our strong company culture and a deep passion for innovation. We are inspired by nature and the power of the immune system to transform cancer treatment. Genmab is focused on the creation and development of innovative and differentiated antibody products, with the aim of improving the lives of cancer patients. Our ambition is to develop drug candidates that have the potential to transform cancer treatment. We do so by leveraging the success of our partnered assets and continuing to invest in our novel proprietary pipeline and technology platforms. As a leader in the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics, we are inspired by nature, passionate about innovation and driven by data. Our commitment to patients pushes us to use our antibody biology expertise to pursue and produce differentiated, next-generation cancer treatments. Our research and innovation teams consist of a strong antibody discovery engine connecting our antibody platform technologies with our target and disease biology knowledge. This synergy is the lifeblood of our R&D organization, where our creations enter clinical development. We strive to improve the lives of patients with cancer by creating and developing innovative antibody-based products. This commitment is deeply rooted in science. With a deep knowledge of the power of the human immune system and a proven track record for inventing and engineering novel therapeutic antibodies, we aim to tackle and overcome the challenges in oncology drug development. In our product discovery, we connect our innovative antibody platform technologies with our robust target and disease biology knowledge to create novel and differentiating products. Jan van de Winkel CEO of Genmab A/S CEO Today Europe Award s 2022 - DENMARK - - 31 -

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