CEO Today - Europe Awards 2022

Eiffage is one of Europe’s leading operators in construction and concessions, with more than 100,000 projects in France and around the world in 2020. Our 72,000 employees work in construction, real estate, urban development, civil engineering, metallic construction, roads, energy systems and concessions. Eiffage’s local network in France helps us to forge the close customer relationships we need to deliver high-quality projects. We have established solid roots in Europe, where we are strengthening our positions for the long term. All over the world, we support our customers with their projects by providing them with the benefit of our expertise in export markets. With climate change now a tangible reality and worldwide demand for sustainable and resilient cities and infrastructure, Eiffage implements a low-carbon strategy on a large scale and seizes every opportunity for innovation in this area, so it can make the difference and deliver shared sustainable development. Our goal is to invent the future with a human perspective by creating the sustainable cities of tomorrow, connecting regions and implementing increasingly innovative solutions and services to meet people’s needs locally. At Eiffage, we aim to help build a low-carbon Europe. By uniting our teams from all our construction, energy services, proprerty and concessions business lines, we can contribute to stepping up the environmental and digital transitions. Continuing to grow while staying true to who we are. Building on the reputation we have established in Europe, we aim to continue growing, while maintaining the balance between our construction and concessions businesses in Europe and worldwide. Avenues of growth include honing our expertise, making even more progress in risk prevention, keeping a tight grip of our major projects, innovating and introducing new services for our customers, seizing opportunities in areas where we are already well-known, and supporting our customers by providing them with the benefit of our expertise completing projects in international markets. We never compromise on our corporate values in our pursuit of growth. Our goal of making the difference is underpinned by the strong values shared by our teams – as reflected by our unique employee share ownership model, which has been in place for nearly 30 years now. Our 70,000 employees are working hard to realise our ambitions and make the difference, so that we can build the future with a human perspective that we envision. Benoît CEO of Eiffage de Ruffray CEO Today Europe Award s 2022 - FRANCE - - 40 -

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