CEO Today - Europe Awards 2023

Managing Director of Handelsblatt Media Group. ANDREA WASMUTH Clarity - We tell it like it is. Clarity ensures understanding, orientation in interactions and eliminates misunderstandings. This allows us to concentrate on what is important. We promote a climate of openness. We speak clearly to each other and ensure that everything important reaches the recipient. We present complex topics in an understandable way. Getting to the point. Show attitude and be transparent. Curiosity - We want to know. Our curiosity allows us to try out new ways of working and technologies, to remain able to act even in times of uncertainty and stress, and to find innovative solutions to complex issues. We go through the world with alert eyes and open ears and generously share our discoveries and knowledge. Courage - We are committed. We have the courage to question what already exists and try out new things. Even if it’s not perfect right away, we get going and learn instead of losing touch. We are courageous when it comes to taking a pioneering role, and when dealing with one another we would rather risk a controversial discussion than not do something that we believe is right. Diversity - We value differences. Diversity ensures many possibilities and solutions. We can only grow and develop through diversity. It is also about diverse perspectives, opinions and approaches that make our thinking flexible. We treat everyone equally and meet each other as equals - person to person. Every role in the house is important - there is no such thing as “above outweighs below”. Success - We give our best. We set high standards for our own work and we are willing to leave our comfort zone in order to constantly improve ourselves and our offerings. We remain adaptable and always a few steps ahead of our competitors. With persistence, speed and attention to detail, we deliver excellent results. The Handelsblatt Media Group is the leading media company for business and finance information in Germany. The Handelsblatt Media Group stands for well-founded, independent quality journalism. Our goal is to empower people to understand the economy and shape the profound changes facing society, companies and each individual. OUR VALUES For us, journalistic independence is non-negotiable and takes precedence over everything. Handelsblatt, WirtschaftsWoche and all of our specialist magazines are media brands that are committed to independent and critical quality journalism. Our values ​form the basis of our work: community. Personal responsibility, clarity, curiosity, courage and diversity are lived by us and contribute to our success every day. Community - We stick together. We are a team. We are successful when we pull together and have fun working together. The community only works if the WE is more important than the I. Our benchmark is a community in which everyone feels valued, safe and accepted and can therefore develop their full potential. We work in networks, break down silos and, as a whole, achieve greater things than any one area alone could ever achieve. Individual Responsibility - We act ourselves. For us, personal responsibility means that we are all drivers and designers and do not wait for others to do or change something. Everyone in the company takes full responsibility for driving their own projects forward, organizing themselves and finding the best way to get their work done. In doing so, we trust each other and that everyone acts to the best of their knowledge and belief, and we give ourselves the freedom we need to be able to act independently. ABOUT HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP CEO Today Europe Awards 2023 - GERMANY - - 50 -

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