CEO Today - Europe Awards 2022

CEO Today Europe Award s 2022 - GREECE - - 53 - Konstantinos Papadopoulos CEO and co-founder of PK Consulting Group already exist in your industry or the competition. Our team is exploring new paths for the development of our business. Perfect customer service is not achieved simply by providing a good product or service - it is the result of constantly assessing your customer’s needs, being able to meet them, and then determining which lines and tactics to follow in order to raise the bar. Regarding mergers and acquisitions. According to recent studies, the number of acquisitions and mergers increased significantly in 2021, total funds attracted by Greek companies reached €12 billion. Basedonyour experience, how do you think the industry will be in the future? Indeed, 2021 was marked as a year of growth for acquisitions, mainly for the TMT sector (Telecommunications, Media & Technology) with the industry sector to follow. In the tourism industry/sector there have been several acquisitions by large and foreign groups. The good start of this year’s tourist season reinforces expectations that tourism will once again be the lifeline against inflation this year. The financing that the industry can acquire from both the Recovery Fund (Greece 2.0) as well as the Development Law will also be particularly constructive for the businesses of the sector. What are the key elements to achieve an innovation in a consulting firm? I believe it is the way of approaching a problem with curiosity and creativity being the solution to it. Innovation in our industry is a way of thinking not a technology, it is the evaluation of each individual investment project with the aim of optimally financing it. That needs time, long-term commitment and investment. What are the characteristics of a CEO? What virtues should one have and what behavior? Having a leadership position in a company entails that you should gain the respect of both the people working for you as well as the people you interact with on an everyday basis. However, as we know, respect is not given but earned. Respect is earned primarily by leading by example. It also has to do with the way you act as a professional, the knowledge you have, the way you seal deal, the way you treat your employees by listening to them, respecting them and recognizing good work. How do you grow your business without fighting the competition? The way is to create and grow in a market, or a service that does not Why should an investor approach investment program? In Greece the heavy industry is tourism. Are there subsidies for this industry? Our country is known to be ranked amongst the top travel destinations around the world. Thus, the strengthening of tourist investments through financial tools, comes to support a very important and powerful branch of the Greek economy, which is tourism. Of course, therearesubsidizedprograms for tourism, with the Development Law being main financial tool. A modern investment model is being created that will make our country competitive in attracting new investments, decisively contributing to strengthening the economy and creating more and better jobs. The purpose is to grant aid to a wide range of tourism investments that mainly concern the creation, expansion and modernization of integrated forms of tourist accommodation, but also investments that concern alternative forms of tourism and aim at highlighting the special characteristics of the country’s various regions (geographical, social, cultural and religious). The subject investment projects relate to facilities: a) Special tourist infrastructure (conference centers, golf courses, theme parks, thermal tourism facilities, etc.) b) agritourism, wine tourism, geotourism or multifunctional farms c) Tourist accommodations in the countryside of Glamping type.

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