CEO Today - Europe Awards 2023

Chair of the Executive Board at Achmea BIANCA TETTEROO We’re not just your regular financial and insurance company – we’re a cooperative powerhouse that’s all about taking care of your financial needs, no matter where you are. With a whopping 14,000 team members in the Netherlands and an additional 2,500 spread across Australia, Canada, Greece, Slovakia and Turkey, we’re on a mission to provide top-notch services to over 10 million customers every single day. Achmea is active in the Netherlands with ten brands, such as Zilveren Kruis, Centraal Beheer and Interpolis. You might actually be connected with us already. Have a pension plan or insurance policy? Chances are, it’s with one of our top-notch insurance brands. From everyday individuals to small business owners, and even big-name corporations and government entities, we’ve got your back. Our team is committed to ensuring your financial well-being, no matter who you are. So, whether you’re planning for the future or safeguarding your present, Achmea is here to guide you every step of the way. Because when it comes to your finances, we’re the serious partner that you can always count on. Under the banner of sustainable living, together, we strive to solve major social issues in the areas of health, living & working, mobility and income. Thanks to close ties with our millions of customers, we spot these stumbling blocks before others do and can swing into action quickly. This we do with the values for which we are known; passionate, contemporary, ambitious, proud, decisive. With our strong brands, we are bringing healthcare closer, leading the way in achieving smart mobility, creating the conditions for carefree living & working and securing an income for today & tomorrow. All this allows us to create sustainable value for our customers, employees and company, as well as society at large. Sustainability is an integral part of Achmea’s strategy. It guides everything we do. We look at environmental, social and governance aspects. We want to help our customers and society to become resilient to the consequences of climate change. And we are committed to combating further climate change. Based on our social role, we also have an eye for the social aspects of sustainability. ABOUT ACHMEA “Sustainability is decisive in everything we do” CEO Today Europe Awards 2023 - NETHERLANDS - - 69 -

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