CEO Today - Europe Awards 2022

Founded in the mid-1960s following a cooperation agreement between the government in Bucharest and the French manufacturer Renault, Dacia has become over time a symbol of success and a real business card of a winning Romania! The Dacia brand has stood out in the automotive sector through its unconventional spirit. In an increasingly complex world, Dacia focuses on what is essential: to make new cars accessible to as many people as possible. Logan gave many families access to their first new car. Sandero has become, in many European countries, the best-selling city car for private customers. Duster democratized the SUV segment. These emblematic products have contributed to the success story of the Dacia brand. Since the establishment of the brand, 10 million Dacia vehicles have been manufactured. Dacia conceives its offer starting from what is important for its customers: to be able to rely on their car every day over time. Dacia’s design is robust and simple, leaving the qualities of its vehicles to stand out at first sight: spacious and practical, designed to travel regardless of road conditions. Dacia models are equippedwith proven, reliable and affordable technologies. At Dacia, everything is simple and clear, both in terms of vehicles and its services, and allows trouble-free use every day. We start with what matters to you: to have a long-term car that you can always rely on. Dacia models are spacious, robust and practical. They are equipped with tested and reliable technologies. In short, they meet all your requirements and look nice. Dacia’s promise: to guarantee the best price for all its vehicles. From design to sale, to production or transport, Dacia’s goal is to optimize costs at every stage, so that its customers pay only for what they need. Dacia means choosing a new vehicle, without having to give up the rest. We make new cars accessible to the many. We offer customers just what they need, but everything they need. We adopt and adapt technologies when they are proven and become necessary to stay up to date. Mihai Bordeanu Managing Director of Dacia South Eastern Europe & Country Head Romania CEO Today Europe Award s 2022 - ROMANIA - - 81 -

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