CEO Today - Europe Awards 2022

mobility segment of the business and look into entering additional new markets too. What are your aspirations for the future as the CEO of Mooney? I am extremely happy with how everything’s worked out for Mooney and with the fact that we were recently acquired by two of the top Italian international companies. We started Mooney from scratch and are now an undisputed leader in the proximity banking & payments markets. I’m so excited about all the brand-new opportunities ahead of us thanks to our new shareholders. The future is certainly looking bright and we’re looking forward to expanding within and outside of Italy in the coming years. What does this award mean to you and your team? Considering the recent acquisition and all the hard work that’s gone into it and goes into the company daily, it is important for all of us to take the time to celebrate. The acknowledgement that we’ve received means that we are on the right track and have managed to create something relevant and special. At the same time, our main priority will always remain our customers’ satisfaction with Mooney and I’m so proud to see that they continue to enjoy our products. CEO Today Europe Award s 2022 - ITALY - - 9 - Mooney Group S.p.A. Via Privata Nino Bonnet 6/A Tel: +39 02 91673001

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