CEO Today - Europe Awards 2023

CEO Today Europe Awards 2023 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 13 - Founder of 8848 Sport Mentoring Mr Palencsár, our readers may be familiar with your highly successful consultancy firm, Mentors & Partners Group. While running MPG, you entered the sports world by establishing 8848 Sport Mentoring, focusing on high-performing athletes. Could you guide us through your transition from leading Mentors and Partners Group to becoming a prominent figure in sports consultancy with 8848? I am not one to make decisions impulsively, and I usually gather and analyse a lot of information before I take a particular step. Within MPG, I have been involved in the mental preparation of athletes, teams, and coaches for 18 years. I was asked to execute the first development project by one of my most important business mentees, with whom I had been working for several years at the time, successfully developing his managers at various companies. When he became the main sponsor of one of the elite European football league teams, he asked whether we could transfer the personalitybased team-building approach used in business to sport because he was very keen to perform well. Since then, I have mentored many athletes individually, and worked with club teams and national teams from 11 countries across 19 sports. The athletes/teams we have mentored have won world championships, continental championships, Olympic medals, Champions League and national championships, and cups; in fact, they have won essentially every title now, both individually and at the team level. iklós Palencsár

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