CEO Today - Europe Awards 2022

true leadership alliance presents a strong platform from which a board and management team can tackle all the business challenges much more effectively together”, explains Marina. “What makes our concept different, is how holistic it is. We don’t just focus only on the vision, or team norms, or culture. We look at all of those factors holistically, help a management team identify where they are today vs. where they would like to be, and then take them on that journey as their sparring partners. Our Leadership Alliance Culture signature concept for accelerating performance and alignment in top teams has been endorsed by Alan Mullaly, the former CEO of Ford Motors Company, and many other C-suite members across the globe,” Nicole added. In addition to executive coaching and team-journey work with senior leaders, we have noticed that Marina and Nicole have a busy keynote speaking agenda. “Every leadership team is different, and we do our best to meet them where they are. That is the only way to take them where they want to go. Not every team is ready for an intervention or a team coaching journey – but they may be curious to hear us share some of the best practices we have observed in other boards and management teams”, Nicole explains. “Keynotes create awareness and creating awareness is essentially opening the door to transformation” Marina adds. For Marina and Nicole, keynotes are often a beginning of a long-term strategic partnership with clients. We were of course very curious to understand – are Nicole and Marina walking the talk in the way they lead their own company? Marina explained, “Walking the talk is very important to Nicole and me– as we are advocates of stronger leadership alliances at the top, we of course have a leadership alliance of our own, reflected in the Co-CEO title, which we both share. We share the same mission and vision about the impact we strive to have on the executives and leadership teams we work with. On that journey, we not only fully respect each other’s differences and freedom, but we strive to actively leverage them for the benefit of our alliance and in the interest of allowing each other to stay in our individual “Zone of Genius”. “Last but not least – our leadership alliance is only successful because we can rise above the ego and fully allow the magical co-creative process together to evolve for the benefit of our clients and the higher purpose, we both care about. We support each other’s values, love each other’s differences and allow each other to grow and flourish more every day. That might mean that one of us takes the stage and the other one stays backstage at times – and we are perfectly fine with that!” Nicole added. CEO Today Europe Award s 2022 - SWITZERLAND - - 14 -

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